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Mary Juetten   Essaid: Finmark is financial modeling software for startups. Historically, most startup founders and  entrepreneurs have used Excel templates for financial modeling, but spreadsheets are poor for  collaboration; error-prone; and version control is a nightmare. Our software eliminates the need  for complex spreadsheets with an easy-to-use platform, so founders can easily create, update, and share their financial metrics and plans.   We built Finmark so anyone, not just CFOs or finance execs, can easily make and update a financial model without having to spend weeks updating complicated spreadsheets. Finmark takes complex financial concepts and calculations and distills them down into a simple-to-use interface so founders can easily create and share their financial plans, manage burn rate and cash, forecast revenue and expenses, and plan for fundraising.   Juetten: Who are your customers and how do you find them?  Essaid: Our primary targets are startups, from pre-revenue to pre-IPO. We price our software based on  your company’s revenue and scale with you as you grow.   As an early-stage startup ourselves, we were fortunate enough to participate in Y Combinator’s  Summer 2020 cohort, where we forged connections with other startups and introduced them to  Finmark. Several of our cohort counterparts went on to become early adopters of Finmark. We are also leveraging several of our industry partnerships to first educate founders on the basics   of financial modeling and then share how Finmark can accelerate this process.   Juetten: How did past projects and/or experience help with this new project?  Essaid: As a two-time startup founder, I’ve lived through the pains and complications of Excel-based  financial models. Prior to starting Finmark, I founded a company called Distil Networks, which I sold to Imperva in 2019. During my time growing Distil, I was continuously frustrated with how  financial modeling was handled, from the lack of collaboration with internal stakeholders to difficulty sharing with investors. While I tried to implement numerous short-term fixes to solve this problem, when it was time to start a new venture I knew exactly where to start. Thus, Finmark was born.   Essaid: Greg Lissy, Chief Product Officer, Jeremy Neuberger, Chief Technology Officer, and I are the  three co-founders of Finmark, and are joined by more than 30 full-time employees who support all aspects of the business.


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The busiest short section is from State Road 40 south to Southwest 20th Street. There were an average of 26,700 vehicles per day on average using that section, while the average at the State Rod 200/60th Avenue intersection was 20,850 vehicles daily. From 2019 to 2020, traffic increased by 25.8%.  SR 40-CR 25: 17,983 per day; 749 per hour; 13 per minute (9) Fort King St.-Maricamp: 22,700 per day; 945 per hour; 16 per minute Another rapidly growing area is along Baseline Road, which is also being used more to get from Belleview and places south to Silver Springs. Data shows that 22,700 vehicles per day drive along Baseline from Fort King Street to Maricamp. Data shows that the busiest section in 2020 was one mile south of Maricamp near the now-closed landfill. At that location, there were 26,000 vehicles per day using that four-lane highway. From 2019 to 2020, traffic increased by 4.1%.  SR 40-CR 25: 17,728 per day; 739 per hour; 12 per minute (11) CR 225A-U.S. 441: 21,400 per day; 891 per hour; 15 per minute From County Road 225A/80th Avenue intersection to U.S. 441, 21,400 vehicles on average used that roadway daily in 2020. That is 891 vehicles per hour or one every four seconds.  Officials expect that roadway traffic to continue to explode. The reason is that the CR 225A/80th Avenue intersection is a couple of miles north f the World Equestrian Center, which is already brining many events to the area. The busiest small segment is from Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue to U.S. 441, whereby 25,000 vehicles on average make daily trips through that area.  From 2019 to 2020, traffic decreased by 1.9%.  SR 40-CR 25: 17,578 per day; 732 per hour; 12 per minute (5) I-75 to CR 475: 28,600 per day; 1,191 per hour; 20 per minute County Road 484, in either direction of Interstate 75, has become quite the driving adventure. In 2020, 28,600 vehicles drove on CR 484  for an average of 11,9 vehicles per day in 2020. The highest count was 31,100, just east of I-75. CR 484 is poised to move up in the rankings in the next four years.